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Témoignages clients


Coca-Cola utilise Adaptive Planning solution d'élaboration budgétaire de la suite AdaptiveIt used to take us months to compile our budget.

Now, it takes less than a day with Adaptive.

— Pamela Langshaw, Finance Manager – Coca-Cola

The Doe Run Company client Adaptive Planning Adaptive offers extraordinary value at approximately 10 percent of the total cost of on-premises solutions.

—Dr. Narayana Swamy, FP&A Manager – The Doe Run Company

Siemens un des nombreux clients d'Adaptive InsightsAdaptive’s self-service reporting feature is a tremendous benefit for us. We can take advantage of all of the data in Adaptive to answer important questions about our business.

—Joanne Belmontes, Planning, Reporting, & Analysis -Siemens

Gdf Suez North America

Use of Adaptive has spread like wildfire because it’s so easy to use. Most questions are answered using the information within the application.

– Chris Abbiuso, Project Manager for Process Improvement Implementations GDF Suez Energy North America.

Hortonworks et Adaptive Planning : Témoignage du leader du Big Data« If Adaptive fell off the face of the earth, it would be like cuttingoff my arm.

I’ve used Adaptive in three different businesses, and it keeps getting better and better. »

— Dan Bradford, VP of Finance – HortonWorks

Docusign fan d'Adaptive planningAdaptive has become the backbone of our finance organization. The ROI is greater than any other software we have deployed—Adaptive is the most valuable piece of software that anycompany can put in place.
—Mike Dinsdale, CFO

Zendesk et Adaptive Insights Piloter sa croissance jusqu'à l'IPO“We have utilized the Adaptive Suite to better manage and plan for growth before and after the IPO process. Adaptive’s cloud solution has been invaluable for us in time savings, collaboration, and executive level reporting.”
—John McGuire, Senior Director of Finance, Zendesk

« My first order of business at Blurb was to implement Adaptive because I was so happy with how the solutions performed at a prior company. I’m not going anywhere without Adaptive. »
—Gene Domecus, COO

Témoignages Cllients Adaptive Insights: Montclair State University et Adaptive Planning
«  »When I think about Adaptive, what really makes me smile is the reporting capabilities.
There are so many other capabilities, but that really has been the huge game changer. »
—Brian Teets, Financial Systems Manager

Jones Lang Lasalle est un des nombreux témoignages clients en faveur d'Adaptive Insights

“It was unbelievable how flexible Adaptive was despite a complex set of drivers and models.

The ability to manage a portfolio’s expenses and to compare actuals vs. forecast is critical to client project success.”

Témoignages Clients Adaptive Insights : Cort

“Adaptive Planning was the only solution that made sense. It offers a huge leap forward in terms of functionality, without turning everyone’s world upside down. A great selling point of Adaptive Planning was that no internal IT resources were required to get the budgeting project done. Our IT resources are better spent on other company objectives.”
– Deborah Lansford, CFO

“We have new operational information, more ways to display and understand that information, and we’ve cut the time it takes to close our books and create new budgets, plans, and forecasts from one week to 2 days.”
– Marcelino Calvo, Finance Manager